Die Marktstrasse in Jiali

Die Nachmittags-Markt-Strasse in Jiali habe ich wärend meines Aufenthalts in Tainan fast täglich besucht.
Kurz vor der Dämmerung wenn das Licht am schönsten war wurde das   Treiben immer am heftigsten. Gemüse, Fische, Hähne und Hühner... vieles wird direkt auf der Strasse ausgebreitet oder aufgetürmt. Dazwischen drängen sich Menschen wie Motorroller und manche Radfahrer_innen wie ich, meist die einzige Langnase am Markt. Manchmal schien das Verkaufs- und Verkehrs- Gewurrl fast nicht zu entwirren. Dass sich wer beschwert hätte hab ich nie mitbekommen. Ich war begeistert wieviel verschiedenes von allem man auf einmal sehen und fotografieren konnte.
Dazwischen habe ich noch eingekauft, die allerfeinsten Dinge.
Auch wenn am Markt kaum wer Englisch gesprochen hat hab ich immer alles so bekommen wie ich es wollte. Nach so einer 'Transaktion' waren dann Marktverkäufer_in und ich froh über den gelungene doch nicht einfachen Austausch. Es würde viel gelächelt und
谢谢 (schesche)gesagt. Noch lieber hätte ich so viel wie die Taiwanes_innen geplaudert. So ein Marktleben fehlt mir...

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eine Nacht in Taoyuan

street photography


糖 與 鹽

sugar & salt
My continuous project is to 'conquere' a city by strolling through the streets, observing carefully. Walking and taking photos becomes a flow like a river, that draws me into the streets.
Architecturally, I'm attracted to the disordered nature of the buildings in Tainan. There is coincidence and planning at the same time.  
I like the places where no space seems to be unused, and 

where buildings merge without disrupting the old structure.

I am particularly fascinated by the narrow little tiles on the facades, glittering in the sunlight. These houses from the 1960s are functionally well thought out and play with colors and shapes. The facades are skillfully designed and quite matter of fact. The architects oriented themselves on the idea of the German Bauhaus and what they saw during their visits to other countries. The tile facades they developed, became a unique Taiwanese style. 

Enthusiasm for the idea of modernity can be seen well in this architecture. This is far less the case with most buildings that were built afterwards or built today. Maybe ever where in the world? How often there is no spirit of progress or respect of knowledge of the past.

 I grew up in a house from the 1960s which I still live in. Though built in a completely different style. Architecture of this era has influenced my artistic work.

Ceramics have interested me for a long time, so it is no coincidence that I came across this topic here and that I have dealt with it intensively.
My photographic work is about the concept of beauty. The confrontation with the concept and the value of beauty let us learn about oneself and society.
All photos are taken in Jiali in Taiwan. I do not indicate where, because every street has its beauty. One just has to pay attention.

糖 與 鹽

sugar and salt
Mischa Reska (Austria - Audili)
Jiali - Taiwan 2018

Soulangh Cultural Park - Taiwan

Many thanks to the Architectural Heritage Vault
Jiali - Tainan